New Community Interface Launching May 2

Community Launch

The WaterPro Online Community, launched in January of 2015, is designed for water and wastewater professionals to provide an exclusive opportunity to network, ask questions and share experiences about the water industry – the industry we all depend on.

Since that time, over 1300 individuals have added 884 posts, made 3,765 comments and replies, read 230 blogs as well as provided important answers to a multitude of questions.

Community Improvement

We are always working to make the Community a progressive and comprehensive tool. We have recently completed a series of updates that will be available to all members Monday, May 2. These enhancements to the Community include a mobile friendly layout, an easier to navigate design, and new functionality from the home page.


1. Phone and Tablet Friendly


The new WaterPro Community features a phone and tablet friendly design, to ensure the entire WaterPro Community fits your personal device. This allows you to experience all the buzz of the community, no matter how you choose to connect. 


2. Easier to Useforum.jpg

The WaterPro Community is a powerful and effective networking tool and now, with the new layout, interacting with discussion topics is easier than ever. Just select a topic from the list and a preview of the discussion in that forum will open. Choose a topic to view or click the “see full list” to view more options. This is just one of many improvements of the WaterPro Online Community.

3. New Home Page


The new home page features many opportunities to tap into the incredible resources in the community by listing the “Latest Discussions”, “Latest Blog Stories”, as well as, a complete training calendar. You can update your profile and even add your profile photo right from the home screen.


This is just a snapshot of the improvements and enhancements made to the WaterPro Community for you! So, be sure to login on Monday, May 2, to see the new update! We would love to hear your feedback on the new WaterPro Community.  Simply go to


See some sights from around the community


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screenshot 3.jpg


screenshot 4.jpg


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New Community Interface Launching May 2

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