Forced Consolidation

Forced consolidation is being advocated by some organizations and some in Congress. 

What is your opinion? 

Would you like to be forced to consolidate your operations or forced to assume another systems operation?

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I can see both sides

November 9, 2017 02:13 PM by Angela Wendele

I certainly understand the thought that those systems who are financially struggling due to the higher costs for services being consolidated into a larger system to share the costs with more people, thus reducing the shared costs.  I also see that the system that is absorbing the smaller system not being too happy about the capitol improvements needed due to a community’s lack in the past.  It is a difficult decision, and I believe these should be done on a case by case basis, being sensitive to both sides of the consolidation and keeping in mind the number one priority for everyone is safe drinking water and safe wastewater treatment.

Additionally, just because we have the technology to discover and detect constituents in our drinking water, does not mean that we must now spend untold dollars on removal or remediation, again, these should be on a case by case basis.

IMHO, the issue often lies in the lack of regulation enforcement allowing small systems to mismanage their resources and not make fiscally responsible long term decisions.

Forced Consolidation

November 10, 2017 02:08 PM by Melinda Norris

Thank you for your comments, they were excellent.

forced consolidation

April 3, 2018 11:49 PM by Dale Miller

I do not now nor will I ever think being forced to do something by our government is a good idea. Government intervention is another way of saying lets see if we can really mess things up. We are a country of doers and thinkers and can solve problems way faster and far cheaper than our dysfunctional government.

lead & copper

April 4, 2018 08:43 AM by mary jane

I don;'t think that Utility should be forced to do lead & copper test. The water that is to meter and then the home is getting the water . The Utility should not be respondible  for that home problem.  We purchase water from a Public Wholesales and they responsible for getting us good water .

Forced Consolidation and Lead and Copper

April 4, 2018 10:04 AM by Bill Zimmerman

Forced consolidation is not a cure all fix for water systems and can do more harm than good. As stated previously a larger system that takes in a smaller system is now stuck with their debt and possibly deteriorated system . I think EPA would like the consolidation so they do not have so many places to keep up with.

Lead and Copper,


I think what happened in Flint Michigan is terrible, but I do not believe all utilities' should be punished because the people who made those decisions had no business making them. Leave water quality to the licensed water professionals. Look at the results for water utilities lead and copper results and make recommendations based on those results. in NO WAY should a utility be responsible for lead and copper inside someone's home. We should actually be collecting the samples at the meter if this was feasible.

Personal responsibility with lead in drinking water.

April 16, 2018 09:07 PM by John Sullivan

What the hell happened to personal responsibility? We keep on protecting the illegals and have no common sense.! If people do not care about themselves, why are we playing GOD?

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