ISA/NRWA Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Preparedness Questionnaire

Cybersecurity is now recognized as a major threat to critical infrastructure such as water and wastewater utilities. The National Rural Water Association would like to understand how well prepared our members are to tackle this threat. This questionnaire is intended to collect data that will be used to assess the state of the membership and prepare appropriate training materials to help improve the situation. All of your answers, even if they are “I don’t know,” will help in this initiative. Please help us to provide as much data as you can, to ensure the most accurate picture possible. Thank you.

Please rate your level of cybersecurity awareness/preparedness as it relates to your organization
Are you aware of any cybersecurity incidents within your organization?
Are you aware of any cybersecurity incidents outside your organization?
How serious do you consider the risk of a cybersecurity incident occurring in your organization ?
Has your organization provided you any cybersecurity awareness training?