NvRWA-Videoconference: Chlorination of Drinking Water
Calendar: NV - Nevada Rural Water Association Calendar
Type: Public
Title: NvRWA-Videoconference: Chlorination of Drinking Water
Group: Nevada Rural Water Association
Owner: Jaemi Henricksen [Nevada Rural Water Association]
Start: Oct 20, 2017 12:00 PM America/Eastern
End: Oct 20, 2017 03:00 PM America/Eastern
Description: Videoconference:

Chlorination of Drinking Water

The first two hours of this two part training course compares the available methods of feeding chlorine: tablet chlorination, gas, bleach and on-site chlorine. A description of the four common chlorination methods for water disinfection including the operational, regulatory, safety, and economic considerations for each method will be presented. An Excel based economic model that can be used by operating utilities to assess the relative economics of each technology will also be presented. The third and final hour of the training will cover field testing for chlorine residual, including dilutions of high concentrations and the required analytical procedure documentation and reporting requirements.

Students will learn to assess the advantages and disadvantages of four common chlorination technologies available to the water industry. They will leave the class with an economic assessment model that they can use to perform an economic comparison of these four technologies for their own water system. Students will also learn the DPD field testing method for residual chlorine levels in drinking water and the related terminology.
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Contact Name: Tatiana Zehl
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